CS 630: Advanced Artificial Intelligence Systems

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Welcome to CS 630! 

Course description: This course is a continuation of Artificial Intelligence (CS 530).  Emphasis is placed on advanced topics and the major areas of current research within the field.  Theoretical and practical issues involved with developing large-scale systems are covered.

The focus of the spring 2011 offering will be on machine perception and reasoning (learning and inference).

Pre-requisites: CS 530 (Artificial Intelligence) or professor's consent.

Professor: Rebecca Bates (bates@mnsu.edu
Contact Information

Course Hours and Location
Lectures: M 1-1:50pm AH 223B
W 1-2:50pm TR C 114

Office Hours
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
by appointment 1:30-3 3-4 1:30-3 by appointment
Other times by appointment.

Prof. Bates will also read and respond to email questions within 24 hours.  You can usually expect responses to questions the same day if received prior to 10pm. If things that are useful for the entire class come up, they will be posted on the announcement section of the class webpage so check it regularly.

Course Materials
Required Text: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3rd ed., Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig, Prentice Hall, 2009, ISBN 0136042597.
Other readings will be made available online.

Course Syllabus

Tentative Topic List

  1. Introduction and probability theory
  2. Probabilistic inference
  3. Machine learning
  4. Computer vision & audition
  5. Automatic speech recognition
  6. Spoken dialogue systems
  7. Natural language processing
  8. Abstract reasoning
  9. Information retrieval
  10. Project presentations

Homework, lab and programming assignments, in-class work (including paper discussions): 25%
2 Midterm Exams: 35%        
Final project: 40% (including written and oral presentations)

Important Dates
Midterm 1: Wednesday, February 23
Midterm 2: Wednesday, April 13
Project presentations will be done during the final week of the class.
Final project report due Wednesday, May 4

Course Tools

Other Information

CS 630 Handouts and Assignments

Additional Resources

Here is a listing of useful AI URLs (thanks to Prof. Roiger). The reference is listed below.

Majority taken from: Hamilton, M., Mitchell T., and Hamilton, C. (2003). AI Matures and Flourishes in North America. IEEE Intelligent Systems, July/August, 87-89.

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